Quiet now, I have to sync!

« digital tapestry (wool), wood, epoxy, wire, 3D print, mirror, Ipod, animation, silicon

[Curated by Marie-Louise Vittrup]… Huset i Asnæs, DK

Vibrant Matter

« Quiet now, I have to sync! 3D print; wedge

, SketchUp model vs. Leda and the swan

; 3D print, printbed…[Curated by Nanna Stjernholm & Stine Kähler]

SAK, Svendborg, DK

‘Behind all fences there are dogs’

« A spatial narrativ interrupting the public sphere. A monolog based on Google maps, bots and a

lump of clay that take place in between spaces. Performed by ‘Dave, the voice generator’… Google streetview, clay, QR-code…
N1@Cas-co, Leuven,


Vi pløjer dine marker med kølens ranke plov - (We plow your meadows with the slender plow)«asphalt on wood, 3D-print

UDEN TITEL16, Kunsthal Nord, Ålborg, DK


Digital Jacquard


:SaturationYellow="model display”… :SceneCaptureType="sketches(2)”… :ExposureTime="building complex"… :HueAdjustmentWhite="floor plan"… :WhiteBalance="rocking chair"… wool

Current Mes(s)h


plaster, stone, wood, rope, marble, cork, glass, ladder…

La Fragua A.I.R. Spain

Practical Beauty


tapestry (fiberglass, linen, silk), light tube, chromed plaster, glass, painted plywood, drawing on paper, aluminium

… OK Corral, Copenhagen



plaster, cromed wood, chromed plaster, stickers, 3D print, plywood, drawing, textile, foam, EL-wire, silicon, glass…

OK Corral, Copenhagen

The Space We Enclose

«concret elements, aluminium, lime, wood, stone

… GANGART, Festival for Art in public space, DK

BUBOS - A biotopic sci-fi opera based on NASA and the relation between bodies, eco-machines and everyday systems


by Kristian Byskov & Andreas Rasmussen…

Song: Lore Lixenberg & Simon Duus

…Composition & sound: Kristian Hverring…

Duration: 30 minutes…Kunsthal Charlottenborg, Copenhagen



Google streetview

Jubilæum, NKF, DK